Online Event Registration

If you prefer to hold and enhance a profitable occasion today, there are some modest and not-so-modest challenges you could probably face. How do you get the concept out? How do you cope with invitations, registration, and payment processing? How do you market it? How do you set up and handle it? Most frequently you have to have various programs and services to assist all of these attributes, and we at Eventstorm would like to alter that strategy.

With you in mind, we’ve worked tough to design a support to aid you with your everyday responsibilities as an event entrepreneur – a service that will make your life smoother while increasing your ticket sales and event attendance.

It’s time for you to enhance your events. Imagine a service that takes all of the features you need to start an event into one easy-to-use program. Envision a dashboard with full visibility over all event ticketing, online event registration, and marketing data of your business. Think about never having to move your valuable contacts between distinct websites and services. Imagine sending invitations, custom reminders, follow-up emails, and even text messages all from one location as soon as you create an event. Imagine never having to re-create an event in Facebook again.

Let Eventstorm indicate you how we are proceeding to make your life easier and your events more successful. EventStorm strives to upgrade your events with a refined and instinctive promotion system that deals with all aspects of an event, from registration and ticketing to marketing and accounting. Users of the service can assemble custom-tailored event pages, create invitations, send custom newsletter emails, send text messages, manage payments, and even link out to many social networking and bookmarking sites to spread the word.


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